About Us

Our Story:

We don’t care to draw an ornate family tree. Our designs are contemporary, our men are rock solid in the making of fashion, and each cut in our range is our emboldened imprint on the industry. 

Bearer of the true science of tailoring and the secret to happiness, Brisk was launched in 2016 as one of the very first online custom shirt brand in Pakistan. Growing per yard, the system stands firm today, with a range of specialized craftsmen, stylists and customer satisfaction entrepreneurs.

Our Shirts:

Let’s talk straight. No twisted words. No fancy vocabulary. Or even the complicated terms people can seldom comprehend. We’re not here to sell the language, but to settle a score. The score between you and the countless racks in shops that were your only option. We’re changing the way you buy, the way you dress and the way people turn to look at you when you walk into a room. We’re cutting through the noise and proposing one simple, fine manned solution. Personalized ward-robing. 


We’re writing the story of the world’s finest cotton; setting in lean and airy through the folds of your collar and weaving the perfect embrace across your fit. Our Fabrics are handpicked from the most cotton friendly fabric mills around the world. 

We carry a wide range of fabric patterns & weaves including Oxford, Royal Oxford, Twill, Jacquard, Dobby, End-on-End, Poplin, Denim, Linen, Corduroys, Flannels and many more.


A client as busy as you, deserves a service like ours. To truly tailor the process to your preference, there are three ways to place an order.

1)   Shop from our exclusive online collection and receive your packed shirt within 4-7 business days.

2)   Customize Online! Select your fabric, design and size on the website. The shirt will be shipped to you within 14 days, since it takes some time to curate a master piece.

3)   Book a home visit. Our Representative will visit at an hour of your convenience, take your size and stylistic requirements, and deliver the final product at your doorstep within three weeks. The wait is absolutely worth it. (Option available only in Lahore for men)